Beauty center Near Me: how to rank high in Google searches

In today’s digital age, where searching for information and services is primarily done through mobile devices and computers, ranking high in Beauty center Near Me Google local searches has become a strategic priority to attract local customers.

The “Near Me” feature of search engines uses geolocation to provide users with relevant and convenient options in their immediate neighborhood. For Beauty Center owners, this means an invaluable opportunity to increase the visibility of their business and engage an audience looking for nearby workout options.

In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies for optimizing your Beauty Center‘s online presence and ensuring it appears at the top of “Near Me” search results. From managing profiles on key platforms to optimizing your website and interacting with customer reviews, we’ll discover how to stand out in the digital age and effectively attract local customers.

1. Google local search statistics

Statistics are the beacon that guide our strategies. When it comes to local SEO, these figures reveal an undeniable reality: local search is booming, and its influence on consumer behavior is profound.

Picture this: 92% of Internet users still resort to local search, even in the age of mobile apps. And what about the fact that more than 50% of searches for Beauty Center “near me” result in same-day visits to a physical store?

Here’s a series of shocking statistics that shed light on the growing importance of local SEO.

  • 46% of searches have local intent.
46% de las búsquedas tienen intención local
46% of searches have local intent
  • 97% of people learn more online about nearby businesses than in any other medium
 Estadística de empresa local
Local business statistics. Source: BrightLocal
  • 98% of consumers read and/or write reviews online
Almost all consumers read or write online reviews. Source: BrightLocal
  • 86% of people search for the location of a business on Google Maps. Source: HubSpot
Busqueda la ubicación de un negocio en Google Maps.
Search the location of a business on Google Maps.
  • 88% of consumers who conduct a local search on a mobile device visit or call the company within 24 hours.
Búsqueda local en un dispositivo móvil
Local search on a mobile device. Source: Localiq

1.1. What is local SEO?

The Local SEO is the process of optimizing your online presence to increase local traffic, visibility and brand awareness. Common local SEO tasks include:

  1. Optimizing the profile of your commercial branches on Google
  2. Find keywords related to local searches
  3. Create relevant content for potential customers near the branch office

And any business that has a physical location or provides services in a geographic area can benefit from local SEO, as can your Beauty Center to show up in “near me” searches. This is a “local search” result on Google:

Ejemplo de búsqueda en Google: Restaurante cerca de mi
Example of a Google search

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1.2. Report: proximity searches

Is it better to be recognized or to be reachable? The answer, without a doubt, is both. We examined an extensive set of 450,000 establishments, ranging from small businesses to well-known brands in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. This was to see how local Google searches, specifically those related to brands and categories such as those in the field: Beauty Center “near me,” impact these types of businesses and how consumers search for nearby establishments.

Whether you’re looking to refine marketing strategies for your Beauty Center, or you oversee local marketing initiatives for several small businesses in the industry, this study is essential.
Study of local searches in Google.

2. How to appear in ‘Beauty Center Near Me’

Now it’s time to create a strategy so that you can increase your local rankings and increase traffic. The following steps will help you do that:

2.1. Find local searches for your business

Keyword research for local SEO is the process of finding keywords that people use when searching for local products and services.

Users who do these searches and find your business have a high chance of going in person, calling, making a reservation, etc.

To get started, you need a short list of keywords that people can use to find your Beauty Center. Here are a few different ways to get started:

2.2.1 Uses Google’s “autocomplete” function

Google autocomplete is a feature of Google Search that makes it faster to complete searches when you start typing. 

The goal is to save users time by predicting what they will search for. This is because Google’s autocomplete predictions depend in part on your location.

Ejemplo de búsqueda para autocompletar en Google
Google autocomplete search example

All of these locations are near Arcadia or in California. So, to find valuable local keywords, start typing keywords related to your business.

For example, if you have an Beauty Center, type “Beauty Center” into Google to get a list of local keyword suggestions.

Try combinations of different local keywords. You should have a list of keywords for your Beauty Center‘s SEO in no time.

2.2.2 Take advantage of Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner helps you find keywords for paid campaigns. But it’s also great for discovering new keywords related to your business.

Start by going to the “Discover new keywords” section.

Sección: Descubrir nuevas palabras clave en el planificador de Google
Section: Discovering new keywords in Google Planner

Click on the “Start with a website” tab. Then, enter the website of one of your competitors:

Sección: Descubrir nuevas palabras clave en el planificador de Google 2
Section: Discovering new keywords in Google Planner 2

Click on “Get Results” and Google will suggest a bunch of keywords based on the terms that appear on that page.

Sección: Descubrir nuevas palabras clave en el planificador de Google 3
Section: Discovering new keywords in Google Planner 3

Repeat the process with three of your main competitors and add all relevant keywords to your list. 

2.2. Optimize your Google business profile

A Google business profile is a free business listing with information about your business. 

It provides you with details such as location, services, products and photos.

Google will then include it in local search results.

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Optimizing your business profile is one of the most important local SEO tasks, according to Google.

Which means you need to create a Google business profile if you want to have any chance of ranking well in local searches.

Here are some tips on commercial profiles:

  • Set detailed business hours (including holidays)
  • Select several attributes to describe your Beauty Center (such as, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Upload photos and videos regularly (promotes participation and improves ranking)

2.3. Encourages online reviews

Reviews and testimonials build customer confidence.

They provide social proof, validate the experience and give potential buyers confidence in your business.

Consumers read reviews regularly and consider them essential.

In addition, Google recommends responding to reviews to show that you value your business and customer feedback.

Ejemplo de respuesta a una reseña de un cliente
Example of a response to a customer review

Read more about it in: How to see my Google reviews and improve online presence.

Here are some more tips for online reviews:

  • Verify your business profile (to respond to a review, you must be a verified business)
  • Remind customers to leave reviews (you can create and share a link in the Google business profile)
  • Do not offer or accept money in exchange for reviews (it is against Google’s terms)

3. Improve the SEO of your website

On-site SEO optimization involves improving your site’s pages to achieve higher rankings in natural search results, and is an essential component of a marketing strategy to highlight your Beauty Center Near Me. If you achieve a solid position in the organic results, you significantly increase your chances of gaining visibility in the local results set.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to make your Beauty Center appear in Google “Near Me” results.

Remember, to improve your online presence and stand out on Google and Google Maps, having a review and customer experience management strategy in place can make all the difference. You can count on RAY, a comprehensive solution that can help you improve your Google reviews, rank high in search results and provide an exceptional customer experience.

4. Keep learning with these articles

Hopefully, at this point you will have no problems to start working on local SEO for your Beauty Center. You can continue reading more articles that will help your brand or business in our Blog.

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