How to set up auto-replies for Google reviews

Reviews are super important for the online reputation of a business; are very important for the online reputation of a business; generating automatic responses to those reviews will add more value to your business. This article explains how to implement auto-replies google reviews.

A Harvard Business School study found that raising a star on Google Maps or Yelp generates between 5% and 9% more revenue. Additionally, responding to reviews also helps you rank higher in search engines.

That is, it helps with Local SEO (business optimization on Google Maps and other sites) – it is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines.

How to respond to reviews automatically

  • We monitor comments on your Facebook account, Google Maps, and others.
  • Alerting about detractors (angry customers) on WhatsApp.
  • Preventing detractors from ending up on the Google Maps profile.
  • We analyze and categorize the sentiment of the comments.
  • Default responses are also configured.
  • Designing the rules for automatic responses.
  • Asking the promoter to leave their 5-star reviews and generate up to 50% more.
  • We identify problems by local or chain level.

We leave you here a guide, in case you want to start answering yourself, with tips on how to face the responses to the reviews according to each case.

1- How to answer negative comments?

-To respond to a negative comment, the first thing you should do is relax and understand that, despite your intention for each client to have a unique and fantastic experience, not everyone may like it.

-Then the message begins with a “thank you”. After all, every customer comment will help improve your business.

-As a next step, find the problem that led you to comment negatively in order to solve it and change your perspective.

For this you can invite him to the place again, offer him discounts or benefits, apologize and show yourself attentive and with the intention of modifying what bothered him.

-Don’t let the discussion turn into a long and drawn out war with the client. And, furthermore, the discussion is much easier to resolve if you remove it from public view.

-Give him a phone number or an email where the customer can reach you so that he can discuss the problem further and in private.

-Once the issue is resolved, politely ask them to delete or edit their original review.

2- How to answer positive comments?

-Thank the customer for taking the time to leave comments for your business and encourage him to return, tell him that he can always come back.

This way you will build loyalty with them and you will be able to show potential customers that your business has a good relationship with its consumers and that it makes them feel comfortable, at ease and happy.

You should always keep your answer short with no more than three sentences at most.

3- How to answer comments without text?

-When you find reviews without text, that have only marked the number of stars that they thought your business deserved, reply by thanking them cordially and inviting them to return.

4- How to respond to neutral reviews?

-In general, neutral reviews mean that the customer had a positive and a negative experience that led them to rate you with half the stars.

-For this type of reviews, begin by thanking the comment and emphasizing the positive of your experience.

Then, review the negative and tell him that the failure of the service will not happen again, inviting him back to the place and giving him some benefit.

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Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.