What’s new: RAY enables review edits

Now you can edit responses to online reviews that have left your business!

The new functionality of RAY allows you to edit the answers so that they are not inconsistent if they have modified the reviews.

If a client edits a review, you will receive an alert so that you can modify the comment ; the previous comment does not remain, that is, the opinion and the answer are related.

In addition to this new feature:

at RAY we configure default responses, respond effortlessly by choosing responses, and design rules for automatic responses.

Online reviews are the key to increasing traffic to a point of sale or store, they are the fundamental factor in the decision to purchase.

The positioning of your business and the order of the results depend on many variables, but one of the most important and valued by Google is the reviews.

85% of consumers trust reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family members and 97% of consumer read reviews online

Businesses that respond to reviews are 68% more likely to raise their half star rating in 6 months.¡Embrace your enemies by responding to them and correcting operationals errors!

How RAY can help you

RAY is a platform that helps more than 1,000 local businesses improve and edit their online reviews and build loyalty with their current clients. And consequently to increase its turnover.

We have many ways to motivate your customers to leave good reviews and, much more importantly, to filter and give communication alternatives to those who did not have a good experience and avoid a bad review.

1- Genuine Reviews: We do not use automated tools or pay users to write reviews. We generate real reviews by real people.

2- Positioning: the first 3 businesses that appear in searches receive 50% of the clicks, generating online traffic to your website, a better reputation for your brand and greater chances of visits to your store.

3-Alerts on whatsapp: we send you WhatsApp messages when we detect customers with bad experience in your premises, preventing them from leaving bad comments or reviews on Google and / or social networks.

As point number 4 we add the new functionality: we send you an alert if any of the customers modifi

Improve the online reputation of your business with RAY

Do you want people to speak well of your brand online? With an adequate strategy you can improve the user experience and with it, the online presence of your business.

The best: you don’t have to spend all your time on homework. You only need the right tool.

Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.