Apple Maps: How do I register my business?

Just as Android users use Google Maps a lot to find specific places, addresses or sites, Apple users do the same, but also using Apple Maps. Apple Maps is growing and focused on building next-generation maps with greater accuracy, faster load times, and more detail. This means that register your business to Apple Maps can help you attract more customers and gain more market share.

How do you register your business to Apple Maps?

  1. Create an ID of Apple if you don’t have one: to do so, provide simple information such as your name, date of birth, email address, password, and answers to security questions.
  2. Sign in to your account: Before adding your business to Apple Maps, sign in to your Apple account with your existing account or the new account you created.
  3. Accede to Apple Maps Connect: is the central page where you can add your business to Apple Maps. Just follow the prompts to start your listing.
  4.  Select your notification language and preferences – Notifications can include key news and updates.
  5. Search to see if your business is listed on Apple Maps: Enter your zip code and a keyword to retrieve relevant matches.
  6. If Apple Maps doesn’t list your business, click “add new place.”
  7. If Apple Maps lists your business, claim it: click your business listing for a more complete profile, review the information to make sure it’s accurate. Then, click on the “claim this place” box to claim your business listing.
  8. Accurately enter business information: Make sure your profile information contains relevant, accurate and keyword information. Also that your address, hours, phone number and associated social media accounts are up to date.
  9. Verify your business: Apple will simply call your business number to give you a verification code.

Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.