Online reputation: how it helps businesses in Google rank

The online reputation of your store / chain increases thanks to different actions that are aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the Google results list.

Nowadays, the comments of other people, the number of stars and the reviews influence a lot when making the decision of whether to buy or not.

That is why it is ideal to have a good position in Google.

What does this mean?

Having positive reviews or reviews from customers translates into more calls, visits to the store and e-commerce.

According to Yelp, 97% of consumers read reviews, these being the second most important variable for online positioning.  


To improve the online reputation of your store or chain from RAY:

1 – We centralize the review data and unify it with the business surveys:

This way we identify problems by local or chain level, we encourage promoters to leave comments, and we rank satisfaction.

2 – We generate alerts from dissatisfied customers and encourage promoters to leave good reviews:

In this way we detect brand detractors and filter them, generate alerts so that the store can contact the consumer and contain the situation.

We also encourage the promoter to leave reviews online, and we generate up to 50% more 5-star reviews.

3 – We find the strengths and weaknesses of the local or chain:

The platform analyzes the text of reviews and surveys, categorizes the content by understanding the sentiment, shows the strengths and weaknesses at a glance, and allows filtering by location, area, keywords, etc.

4 – We respond to each of the reviews that arrives:

Default responses are set up, responding effortlessly by choosing responses, and rules for automatic responses are designed.

Y además, próximamente, controlaremos las reseñas de Facebook, Instagram y Twitter.

Comments on your account feed are monitored, sending detractor alerts, analyzing sentiment, and responding from our platform.

This way you will be able to improve your positioning in Google, that is, have five stars and positive comments that will act as references.

This will attract new consumers and as a consequence, your sales will increase.

Improve the online reputation of your business with RAY

Do you want people to speak well of your brand online? With an adequate strategy you can improve the user experience and with it, the online presence of your business.

The best: you don’t have to spend all your time on homework. You only need the right tool.

Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.