Restaurant strategies to attract customers on special dates

The Restaurant industry has several difficulties that few can overcome. The main obstacle is attracting, retaining and building customer loyalty. That is why it is necessary to develop gastronomic strategies.

Attracting new customers is extremely important for stores and chains, but retaining the loyalty of those who have already been there is even more so.

“A regular customer spends on average 67% more than a new customer and represents approximately 68% of sales.”


The key to success

Is knowing the consumers and establishing a relationship with them, in such a way that they feel part of the place, comfortable and entertained.

From RAY we manage to capture the tastes and interests of your clients to know them and thus attract them to your business.

We obtain the data through captive WiFi portals, QR Codes, Forms and Online Questionnaires, MercadoPago and over the counter inquiries.

Once all the information has been collected, specific Marketing Campaigns are carried out through Email and Web Push.

These Campaigns are personalized, in order to demonstrate to the consumer that we speak to him and that we think of him.

They are offered benefits and discounts with the aim that they have as their first option going to your business.

Therefore, on special days and dates, Campaigns with specific offers are used to the maximum.

Halloween is a celebration that is being celebrated more and more in our country.

It is important to take it into account when thinking about marketing strategies in order to attract, retain and retain customers.

From your business you can provide benefits in relation to this celebration and from RAY we will carry out the Campaigns to send to customers and thus achieve that your sales increase.

Special dates such as Halloween or soon the end of the year parties, are ideal for marketing strategies that have as a consequence loyalty to customers and increase the profits of your store or chain.

Especially in the gastronomic industry that has certain obstacles that make it difficult to attract and retain consumers.

So Our platform captures information from your customers and then sends them personalized campaigns.

That’s because email campaigns email with the discounts and benefits that are offered to them in order to return them to the place.

Improve the online reputation of your business with RAY strategies

Do you want people to speak well of your brand online? With an adequate strategy you can improve the user experience and with it, the online presence of your business.

The best: you don’t have to spend all your time on homework. You only need the right tool.

Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.