How to benefit from Google Maps “Near Me” growth searches

Due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19, quarantine has been taken as the main preventive measure.

All people have been advised to do their shopping in stores, pantries or places close to their homes so as not to stray too far, to be able to walk, not to crowd into crowded businesses and, furthermore, to help entrepreneurs.

Long before the Coronavirus, it was found that most people, 92% to be exact, when doing a search on Google Maps, search by proximity.


According to Google, there are three factors that matter when it comes to ‘close to me’ searches: distance, prominence, and relevance.

  • Distance: the closer you are to the customer, the more chances you have to rank.
  • Relevance: the more relevant your business is to the customer’s search query, the higher your ranking.
  • Prominence: companies with excellent reviews and brand authority will generally appear higher in search results.

All this makes it easier for customers to find and that benefits businesses that have a profile on Google My Business, why? Because in this way they appear on Google Maps, in the corresponding item and have a greater chance that whoever is looking for will find them.

That is why it is so important that, especially in this particular moment, you have an account of your business in Google My Business, with updated information, so that it appears on Google Maps.

Changes you can help your business rank in Google search

  1. Update your Google My Business listing: Make sure to update your Google My Business profile with information that helps customers discover your business. Make sure you have high definition photos, contact information such as email and phone number, and their business hours. The more detailed your profile, the better the signals you send to Google’s algorithm.
  2. Make sure that Name, Address and Telephone are consistent: the more consistent your listings are, the more likely you are to rank for ‘near me’ searches. Remember, when Google finds your name, address and telephone number (NAP) on the Internet, it takes it as proof that your business has prominence.
  3. Collect authentic customer reviews: Online reviews are an excellent way to highlight the quality of your company’s services. For more reviews, Botbit’s solution is ideal and works automatically.
  4. Respond to customer reviews: Responding to customer reviews helps with “Local SEO.” Plus, it helps build customer loyalty and solve their problems before they turn into bigger problems.

Business searches by proximity on Google Maps have increased in recent times and are the key to this moment that society is going through.

Thanks to these searches, people can find the nearby businesses and venues they need to go to, without having to stray too far.

That is why we recommend that you create your profile in Google My Business and keep it updated, so that your business is one of those that appears on the map when someone is searching. This way, your place can be chosen by potential future clients.

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Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.