Customer feedback: the key ingredient for profitable restaurants

Attracting new customers to your restaurant is a difficult task, but keeping them and getting them to return is equally or more important and requires twice the effort. Keeping an active listening to customer opinion is the key to success. In this way you can know their tastes and interests and offer them what they want so that they become loyal customers.

But how do you get customer opinion?

With the internet it is much easier to know what customers are looking for and what they are not. This tool allows us to see the positive and negative opinions of people, also their personal data, their interests and characteristics.

In recent years, online reviews and customer comments have become the most important channel to attract new consumers, therefore reviews cannot be ignored.

From RAY we encourage customers to review and share their experience to increase the number of reviews and, consequently, the restaurant’s profits.


We also use other resources to obtain customer opinion and thus know them better:

1- Open WiFi of the premises or chain: This is how you can capture email addresses, contact information, demographic data, whether you are a tourist or not, interests and tastes, etc .; and a powerful database of clients is created that includes information on each one, their behavior and patterns of visits in the places.

2- Social networks: Using the data of the best customers of a local increases the performance of a campaign on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Google up to 4 times!

This is because instead of placing ads using broad attributes such as age or geographic area; we can tell these social networks exactly what kind of people we want to show the ads to.

3- Surveys: Surveys are activated for those who recently left the restaurant, share their experience, write reviews and recommend the place.  

All of this information is available to run holistic campaigns across all digital media, including email and social media.

That way, we target customers with high precision and push them back.

At RAY we carry out marketing campaigns for emails or social networks with all the data and information of the clients that we obtain through the surveys, their Facebook and Instagram profiles, and through the open WiFi of the place.

These campaigns position your brand in a unique way at the center of your customers’ attention and help increase consumption.

In addition, we target customers who have visited the site in the past, with other marketing campaigns to get them to return, comment and recommend.

Attracting and retaining customers is one of the main challenges of the gastronomic industry, the key is to know who they are and establish a relationship with them, to know their opinions, tastes and interests.

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Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.