TripAdvisor for restaurants: the importance of being listed

It’s highly probable that at some time in your life you have used the TripAdvisor website to see information about travel, hotels, restaurants and tourism in general. But, did you know that companies from different areas can have their business list on the page? This article explains why TripAdvisor for restaurants is key right now.

TripAdvisor provides reviews of content related to different businesses. The services are free and users provide most of the content.

The website has many benefits

1- Show correct information, photos and services: A listing on TripAdvisor allows you to provide the features, photos and a detailed description of your business.

Ideally, keep your file with updated information to provide readers with all the essential information about your company, as this will give potential customers an accurate perception of your business so that they feel satisfied with their visit and return.

2-Respond to customer feedback – It’s important to monitor customer feedback for profit.

TripAdvisor hosts more than 600 million user reviews, so your business could already be booming as long as those reviews are given the necessary attention.

3. See how your page is doing against the competition: to get the analytics data of your competitions you need a paid account on TripAdvisor, which will provide you with an “Analysis Suite” that provides all the information you need to compete against similar companies.

4. Access additional tools with a paid TripAdvisor business listing – A paid TripAdvisor listing unlocks analytics tools and gives you a host of other great features, such as a sponsored placement, which will elevate your business results. relevant search results.

TripAdvisor listings can be found through a site search or by browsing for businesses associated with the type of business they are considering.

However, TripAdvisor may include your company with or without your participation, since the material presented in the listing will be mainly from users and third parties. So there is a risk that some of the information is inaccurate.

So if you claim a TripAdvisor business listing, you’ll have access to more control and additional tools to promote your business and manage your reputation.

To claim an existing listing for your business you must: 

  • Find if your business is already on the list by typing your business name in the search box.
  • If your business is, just click on the name, then hit the “Claim your business” button.
  • Already have a TripAdvisor website account, sign in. If you don’t have an account, create one and verify your identity as a company representative.

Business does not have a listing on the website, follow these steps:

  • Select which industry your business is in.
  • Submit the form.
  • Wait five to seven business days for approval.

Once your listing is approved, you can connect with millions of new users who are already looking for businesses like yours. Meeting millions of potential customers is just the beginning of the benefits of building a TripAdvisor business listing.

Having a business listing on TripAdvisor will help your business attract customers and thus increase your sales. In addition, you can obtain information from those potential customers that is useful for marketing.

From RAY, through the Feedback Center tool, we centralize the data of online reviews, including those of TripAdvisor, and we generate alerts from dissatisfied customers and encourage promoters to leave good reviews.

In addition, with Feedback Center it is possible to configure automatic responses for each of the comments received.  

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Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.