3 ways reviews can helps your business

In recent years, reviews on Google have become an extremely important factor for store owners. They improve their online reputation and, therefore, increase their sales. Companies with positive reviews or comments attract many more customers than without, learn how this helps your business.

They also have value to consumers, as the 85% trust reviews as much or more than in the recommendations of friends and family.

Companies that respond to reviews are 68% more likely to raise their Google rating by half a star
every 6 months.

How can reviews help a store or chain?

1- They improve the online reputation of the brand:

monitoring and responding to reviews can increase ratings over time; in addition to create a better perception of the brand.

2- Improve business operations:

Consumers comment on businesses in every review they write, and by analyzing those reviews, the brand can take steps to improve its business, for example by granting them benefits or discounts.

Businesses with positive reviews or comments attract many more customers than those without. That is why it is important to be attentive, respond and keep the feedback active.

3- Traffic and conversion rates on Google:

generating and publishing reviews on the brand’s site help to gain more traffic (click rates increase up to 153% in search results) and, as a consequence, more sales.

Answering the reviews left by consumers after visiting your store and, in case of negative comments, let you know so that you take measures such as discounts and benefits to retain customers and attract new ones, with the aim of increasing your sales and, therefore, your profits.

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Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.