RAY integrates to WhatsApp for Business, ¿how does it work?

At RAY we add WhatsApp to our tools so that anyone who has configured alerts receives one at the exact moment in which a customer negatively rates the location or chain in Google reviews.

According to Yelp

97% of consumers read reviews online and 86% % influence your purchase decisions or visit; so it is very important to avoid bad comments and have a good web positioning. & nbsp;

Companies that respond to reviews are 68% more likely to raise their half-star rating in Google in 6 months .

In this way, after receiving the alert, you can reverse the situation by inviting the client again. Offering them benefits or discounts and apologizing, to make them change their online rating and become loyal. & nbsp;

Those who do not have configured the reception of WhatsApp notifications will receive an alert to subscribe, allowing detractor messages to reach them.

Once configured, from RAY we will take care of sending a message advising that a client has negatively rated the premises.

In addition, from the store configuration you can load the cell phone. Modify it and even delete it if you do not want to receive more notifications.

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This new WhatsApp functionality is one of the new product features that we are incorporating into our platform together with other tools that we will launch and communicate soon.

Always aiming at customer loyalty to increase your sales and visits to the premises.

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Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.