What are in-store visitor surveys for?

Knowing your customers is the key to the success of your business. Knowing your tastes, interests and satisfactions, your opinions and comments, you will be able to carry out great marketing campaigns to attract them, retain them and, ultimately, increase your profits. It is very important that you conduct customer surveys.

Companies that measure customer satisfaction are 33% more likely to succeed than those that measure that they don’t.

That’s why at RAY we offer different tools to capture this data: open WiFi, QR Codes, MercadoPago, Online Forms and Queries, API and Tablets for automatic download.

But, in addition, one of the most used tools in recent times is digital surveys, which allow visitors to obtain useful and powerful information from the site that will help you to be proactive and make valuable decisions when providing a good service;

This information will also be useful for conducting social media, email and push marketing campaigns on the web.

A survey is useful if the questions it contains are designed with a clear and precise objective. For this, it is necessary to put together a strategy to find out what it is that consumers want to know and what we seek in their responses.

To make the strategy you must take into account

  • What are the research objectives.
  • If you plan to search for new customers or repeat customers.
  • If you plan to search for specific demographics.
  • How long the search will take.

In addition, the structure of the survey is important, that is, you must create questions that are easy to complete and that are not invasive.

Some items to remember are to carry out the surveys:

  • Short search.
  • Focused questions.
  • Response options or a rating system.
  • Encourage research completion.

At RAY we can help you: creating surveys, compiling and analyzing customer data, looking for trends, setting up specific and personalized marketing campaigns and communicating with detractors (customers who report a negative experience) to invite them to come back and give the benefits.

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Franco Breciano

Tech entrepreneur, writes about startups, management, company culture and product design.