Neufeld bakeries increase 400% visits to their profile on Google Maps6 min read

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Currently, 75% of the people around you use a search engine to find a business like yours. Starting from this premise, Neufeld bakeries, the leading pastry company in Guadalajara, began its journey. Progress towards the digitization of your business and the use of your resources.

For a bakery, like so many other businesses with physical branches, it is essential to have an online presence. It is important to be visible in the Google search engine and Google Maps when customers search for you.

Like good cake business, Neufeld set out to build trust through genuine feedback from happy customers. It was something that the brand had always wanted to do, but initially they did not have the knowledge and tools to implement it. Monitoring reviews on Google Maps and other sites is not easy for a brand with more than 20 locations.

What this store was raised is something logical. Before buying a product or service, more and more people inquire on the web about how good it is and the opinions that appear about it. So make a good Review of the product could be a fundamental factor to boost the business.

Neufeld’s path to success

Looking for solutions that could solve these challenges, Neufeld chose RAY. A software that provides a modern platform to improve the customer experience in your business. This set of programs and routines guarantees that they find you online, choose you and get 5-star Reviews in Google and other sites and search engines.

In this way, Pastry Shops Neufeld with the help of RAY has been implemented and using tools to learn more about its customer base. Build loyalty to generate more sales during the year and especially, improve your online presence to get new consumers to add to your base.

RAY’s job was to implement QR codes on the cake boxes to use the customer’s time of payment as a data capture method. Incentivizing them with games that deliver instant prizes.

Finally, the profiles of Google My Business and Facebook were integrated. This was done in order to encourage the generation of reviews, the sending of alerts via WhatsApp when a customer is not satisfied with the experience, and to be able to have the satisfaction ranking of the entire chain.

Results in Google Maps and networks

After the first 6 months of working together, RAY helped Neufeld to get 5042 consumer contacts. Using that data, 170 5-star reviews were generated on their branch profiles.

In addition, the automatic reply bot was configured to respond to up to 94% of the comments on Google Maps. Something fundamental for clients to feel fluent in communication.

You just have to type the name of this business in a web browser to see the reviews on its Facebook page. There are a good number of customer notes and comments highlighting the products, which is a great value advertisement.

Neufeld managed to increase its billing and positioning based on a total optimization of its Google My Business profiles. They made sure their data is complete and up to date, consistent with their other networks and platforms. Lastly, it provided high-quality content by responding to reviews in a timely manner.

Apply Local SEO strategies to optimize your business

Now, from this reading, have you ever thought about how many people are looking for your business on the Internet? And how many of them could contact you, visit you and also become clients? If you have a business and you want to get these things going, you need to know what local SEO is.

Local SEO is one of the most significant optimization strategies to work for your business when you want to reach the people you are close to. With this practice, your establishment can become a reference in its region and attract new customers who need and want to invest money in a certain product or service.

Essentially, it helps you improve the organic positioning of your business, so that those interested in finding solutions will find you at a certain time in a specific region.

Thanks to a good placement within the results of the pages of each search engine, your business will gain more visibility and have a greater opportunity to acquire new customers.

Google My Business

Google My Busines is a tool with which you can make your business visible on the internet when they search for you and find you through the search engine or on Google Maps. RAY experts ensure that your tokens are accurate, complete, and provide all the information consumers need.

After completing the basic information, you will need to verify the form so that it appears online when they look for clients. Once your business has been verified on Google, you can now get the most out of your business profile. Then the description, include photos, videos and attributes that help you stand out, add more than one location and keep the schedules and phone updated.

By creating content regularly, the personality of the brand is defined, which acquires an identity that differentiates it from the competition. If these contents are relevant, valuable and unique, the algorithms improve our location, reaching more and more visibility and better rankings in the SERP (Search engine results page). These are decisive factors in reaching more potential customers.

Successful pastry case

As we named at the beginning of the post, the case of Pastelerías Neufeld is our way of exemplifying the achievements that can be obtained using the tools provided by Google correctly.

RAY became his partner to fulfill a bold promise, that of of generating reviews of your clients in a faithful and close channel. Communication and exchange led the company to remarkable growth.

If you think about it, what better way to improve yourself than to improve yourself from the criticism and verdicts of the consumers themselves? Under this premise, Pastelerías Neufeld increased visits to its Google Maps profile by 400%.

Improve the online reputation of your business with RAY

Do you want people to speak well of your brand online? With an adequate strategy you can improve the user experience and with it, the online presence of your business.

The best: you don’t have to spend all your time on homework. You only need the right tool.

Manage your brand’s online reputation effectively with RAY.